Mr.Tejbir Narula combines over 25 years of experience in the fields of Real Estate and Various Ventures for social sectors. And Since 2015, Mr.Narula has ventured into Renewable Energy Power Generation Sector through their company Winergy Inc. Winergy Inc is focused on developing and bringing affordable renewable energy power products for urban and rural platforms of the world.

 Winergy Inc. A Renewable Energy initiative in terms of harnessing the power of Sun & Wind together called the HYBRID MILL SYSTEM in India. Wind turbines together with Solar Panels efficient and affordable for everyone to un burden their respective environmental impact & making us Self Sufficient & reducing our electricity expenses. Winergy Inc. designs Specific models for all kinds of projects from our manufacturing facility in India and shipped across the Globe. We have created an innovative line of vertical axis wind turbines with integrated PV solar panels for municipal Residential and Commercial use supporting both On and Off grid Systems Shipping & Servicing worldwide.

 Winergy Inc is into Small scale wind and solar renewable energy system called the HYBRID MILL SYSTEM that can be useful in different variable environments in the urban & semi urban areas. HYBRID MILL SYSTEM a transformation in a state of the art technology for harnessing both the natural resources (wind and solar energy) understanding  the much required power generating systems in all respects. This form of Harnessing powers is available for all kinds of consumers with No Power/ Energy or Lowering Existing Power/Energy costs thus making an impact on reducing greenhouse emissions and saving the planet.

Winergy Inc brings HYBRID GREEN ENERGY in a small scalable & Affordable Renewable Energy to the World.